Please click HERE to browse our latest inspection report from 20th September 2018.  


“They provide exciting and challenging activities based on children’s development needs and interests”


“Staff know the children exceptionally well”


“Children thoroughly enjoy learning and make excellent progress”


“The quality of teaching is of a high standard and is consistently very strong”


“Children are happy and settle quickly”


“The variety of exciting and intriguing resources and equipment, indoors and outdoors, motivates children to choose where to explore and investigate”


“Cupboards and shelves contain real-life items to arouse children’s curiosity and inspire them to explore”


“They develop extremely positive attitudes to learning, showing high levels of self-awareness and independence”


“Staff consistently encourage children to be kind and respect each other”


“Staff are excellent role models and children’s behaviour is exemplary”


“The providers are extremely enthusiastic and continuously strive for further improvements”